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Welcome to DMC Tromsø, your premier gateway to the enchanting Arctic landscapes of Northern Norway. As you step into this magical realm, prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of Tromsø.

At DMC Tromso, we are committed to making your visit unforgettable. With our expert knowledge and passion for our city, we ensure that every moment of your journey is filled with wonder, excitement, and the warm hospitality that Tromsø is known for.

Embark on this extraordinary adventure with us at DMC Tromsø, where the magic of the Arctic awaits. Discover the unique charm of Tromsø, a city where every corner holds a new surprise, and every experience becomes a cherished memory.

What We Offer:

Tailored Arctic Experiences: Whether you seek the thrill of dog sledding, the tranquility of a midnight sun hike, or the awe of witnessing the Northern Lights, we curate bespoke adventures that cater to your unique interests.
Expert Local Knowledge: Our team, deeply rooted in Tromsø’s culture, provides authentic insights and access to hidden gems, ensuring a rich and genuine exploration of the Arctic.
Sustainable Tourism: Committed to preserving our pristine environment, we offer eco-friendly tours and activities, promoting sustainable travel practices.

Why Choose DMC Tromso:

Exceptional Service: We pride ourselves on delivering personalized attention and exceptional service, ensuring every aspect of your trip is perfect.
Cultural Immersion: Delve into the rich heritage of the Sami people, engage with local communities, and savor traditional Norwegian cuisine.
All-Season Adventures: Whether bathed in the summer’s midnight sun or adorned with winter’s northern lights, Tromsø is a year-round destination offering unique experiences in every season.

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Experience comfort and create lasting memories with our wide range of accommodation options in Tromso.

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We provide convenient services to and from Tromsø airport and nearby destinations.

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Arctic Activities

Join us for a whale safari, king crab safari, Aurora hunting, and more, as you explore the wonders of the Arctic.

Northern Lights Tours

Witness the awe-inspiring Northern Lights with our exclusive tours.

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Culinary Experiences

From fine dining to wine tasting, savor the flavors and traditions of Norway.

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Corporate Events

We offer team-building activities, conferences, and product launches that leave a lasting impact.